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Fine Art

About me

I am currently an undergraduate student at Columbia College Chicago who is double majoring in Advertising Art Direction and Fine Art.

I have worked with multiple different forms of advertising channels, including digital as well as experimental formats. Creative problem solving is what I live for.

When working with art, I work with anything that leaves a mark. My go to medium is oil paint, but I'm up for anything.

My Work

Advertising Art Direction

Working with the creative side of advertising is a great way to mix art and into modern advertisements. Advertising allows for creative problem solving along with design and art.

Fine Art

I have always been inspired by faces of people. There is always a story to be told through a portrait. My artwork combines color and texture to create an emphasis surrounding the human face. I want to focus on adding mixed media and other non-traditional elements to my work to better create my artwork.



Wood Dale Dentistry
Bic Cristal (1 / 2)
Bic Cristal (2 / 2)
Inspiring Voices
National Parks
American Toby Jug Museum
Edinburn Citrus Assosiation

Fine Arts

Oil on Canvass 36"x24"
Oil on Canvass 3'x 4'
Oil on Canvass 12"x14"
Oil On Canvass 3'x3'
Oil on Canvass 12"x16"
Oil on Canvass
mixed media 16"x24"
mixed media 24"x36"

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